Breed: Poochon

Gender: Male

Age: 8 weeks

Puppy Size: 8 inches tall and 6 pounds in weight.

Parent size: Mother (11.5 inches tall and 9.5 pounds) & Father (12.5 inches tall and 12 pounds)

Medical Record: Up to date with Vaccine, Dewormed.

Date Available: Today

Gallery: Recent

What’s included AKC Registered, Current vaccinations, Veterinarian examination, Health certificate, Health guarantee


Poochon Puppies For Sale in Texas

Have you been looking for a little dog that would fit in with your family and won’t cause allergies? If that’s the case, the Poochon could be ideal for you. This cross between a Poodle and a Bichon Frise is extremely intelligent, lively, and hypoallergenic.

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, alone or with a large family, the Poochon is sure to get along swimmingly. This breed is a terrific addition to practically any home, especially if you take the time to properly exercise and train the dog.

Even so, the Poochon isn’t for everyone. Continue reading to learn more about the Poochon and determine if it is perfect for you.

How much do Poochon Puppies cost?

The Poochon is not the cheapest puppy on the market because it is a designer dog. To purchase a puppy, you will most likely need to locate a reliable breeder who specializes in Poochons. You should anticipate to pay between $1000 and $2,000 for this dog. Only the puppy is included in this pricing.

You’ll also need to buy all of the requirements for day one, including as a collar, leash, kennel, and vet appointments. All of these upgrades will set you back another $1,000. If you can’t afford these items, don’t buy a puppy just yet; they’re required on day one of ownership.

Because you’ll almost certainly have to go to a breeder to get a Poochon puppy, go with the greatest one you can find. Dogs from reputable breeders are healthier and happier. Furthermore, bad breeders frequently ignore the parents and puppies, which no one wants. Poochon puppies for sale

Are you aware of the Poochon’s past?

Most designer dogs have limited documented history since they are frequently developed by backyard breeders who do not meticulously record the breed’s history. Fortunately, the Poochon is not one of them. Although we don’t know everything there is to know about the Poochon, we do know more than we do about other designer breeds.

We already know that the Poochon is a cross between a Poodle and a Bichon Frise. This dog was created in the 1990s by a group of Australian breeders. The goal of this breed was to make a dog that is suitable for youngsters, allergy sufferers, and is still healthy.

Because we know so much about the Poochon’s origins, we can say that the breed was created with far more care and ethics than other designer dogs. As a result, Poochons are generally healthy and adapted, which is not always the case with designer breeds.

As previously stated, the Poochon is ideal for allergy sufferers. Poodles and Bichon Frise are both regarded to be allergy-friendly breeds. Because these two canines were bred together, the progeny are perfect for people with allergies and have great temperaments and personalities. Poochon puppies for sale in Texas


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