Is a poochon a good family dog?

Over the years, poochons have gained their identification as designer dogs. However, as these designer dogs interact frequently with people, they began to adapt well to the friendly lifestyle. Nevertheless, poochons are small dogs which makes them fit in family settings. The poochon has a very good temperament. This include their friendly and playful behavior, loyal nature, how they easily interact with other pets and not forgetting their smile.

The poochon’s smile is known to melt hearts and van be the best thing that can happen in your day. Also their small size makes them an excellent choice for apartments. Also, poochons are very energetic but their energy threshold is short. So it is important to give them a break when taking long walks or doing chase at a dog garden.

In a household, the poochon will often associate with the elder children who are more understanding and less anxious. Poochons are very intelligent and can easily adapt to any environment. Therefore, their fast learning ability gives them an upper hand to understand humans.

In addition, poochons are known to joy bringers to single couples. Their affecionate behavior brings love and unity between the couples. Hence, making them the perfect dog breed for any family home.



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  1. Wow, thanks. This information was helpful. i have a daughter, she’s 13. so i was wondering if a poochon will fit in our family. My worries just got clearified

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