Is a poochon a good family dog?

Over the years, poochons have gained their identification as designer dogs. However, as these designer dogs interact frequently with people, they began to adapt well to the friendly lifestyle. Nevertheless, poochon are small dogs which makes them fit in family settings. The poochon has a very good temperament. This include their friendly and playful behavior, loyal nature, how they easily interact with other pets and not forgetting their smile.

The poochon’s smile is known to melt hearts and van be the best thing that can happen in your day. Also their small size makes them an excellent choice for apartments. Also, poochon are very energetic but their energy threshold is short. So it is important to give them a break when taking long walks or doing chase at a dog garden.

In a household, the poochon will often associate with the elder children who are more understanding and less anxious. Poochon are very intelligent and can easily adapt to any environment. Therefore, their fast learning ability gives them an upper hand to understand humans.

In addition, the poochon is known to be a joy bringer to single couples. Their affecionate behavior brings love and unity between the couples. Hence, making them the perfect dog breed for any family home.



Amazing facts about the Poochon Breed making them Good Family Dogs.

Poochon’s Affectionate & Playful Temperament Make Them Great Family Dogs

Not only will they run towards you when you call them but they will be utterly happy to cuddle with you anytime you like as well which makes them great family dogs.

They have a social personality and like to interact with other pets and humans. Also, they make great partners for people living alone.

Have your guests play with them or if you have a cat, make them brother and sister.

Nevertheless, just like the cavodoodle, the poochon is very playful. Also, they like drawstring, playing ball, barriers, rubber toys. You give them anything and they will pleasingly grow in affection with them.

 Poochon’s Appearance Checks All Boxes of Cuteness

Ah – this word “cute”.

It applies to these dogs in every sense.

Although their appearance can vary from litter to litter and depending on whether it is an f1 generation or an f2 generation but the general appearance is this:

Short muzzles with almond-shaped eyes and black to brown-nose centered between short furry ears.

The paws are non-distinctive as they are usually covered in the hair of the coat while the tail is short and pointy.

The poochon tail rises in excitement and stays at ease when they are calm.

As for the coat, that depends on the parent from which they inherit it. It could be single-layered and ball-like if they get a Poodle coat or double-coated and a powder-puff if they get Bichon Frise’s.

Their tongue is small and pink and the tiny teeth are perfectly aligned in both upper and lower jaws which gives them a great smile.

Because the bichon poodle are prone to tooth decay, you have to clean them  once a week or whenever you get a hint of bad breath.

The Poochon is a Quick Learner

They are brainy because of their inheritance from the Poodle. So you can involve them in obedience training from a young age.

Make them learn to play dead, sit on command, jump through a hoop, and walk on one side of you on the road.

Because the poochon eagerly want some work to do, learning skills and commands will be speedy and fruit-bearing.

But don’t make the sessions tedious. Sweeten them up with regular treats. Here’s how one of the owners is mastering in it.


The Poochon Would Be Happier On A Dry Kibble Diet

Till the age of 12, feed your Poochon puppies dry Kibble diet as it contains protein and will not cause plaque build-up on their teeth, unlike moist or wet food.

Avoid canned foods that contain corn or soy as your canine needs meat. Feeding them vegetables is against their natural eating instinct.

Homemade food is the healthiest option (because it eliminates the presence of dangerous preservatives) but that needs more effort.

Now, what do you feed him?

Cooked chicken, brown rice, and peanut butter are the topmost edibles. However, be careful not to give excessive sugary treats.

Then, there is the option of red, juicy carrots, yogurt (which is very helpful in stomach upsets), cheese and pumpkin. Sweet potatoes and fish are great as well.

That being said, always consult your vet while switching the diet of your poochon dog.

Many owners especially new ones are also uncertain about how much to feed a dog daily.

You should be feeding him three to four times a day, so for example:

If your dog is 10 lbs and you are feeding him 1 cup daily, divide them into 4 portions of 0.25 cups at different times of the day.

The poochon can show aggression and bark when nervous

It’s never ALL GOOD with any breed of dog.

Poochon dog can grow nervous in some situations which causes them to be aggressive momentarily and bark. It could be strangers, it could be a new, alien situation or it could be isolation.

Therefore, socializing at an early age is recommended for this dog otherwise he wouldn’t know how to react amongst people/ guests/friends and can bark in their presence.

Poochon Dog Don’t Stink At All

Neither do the Bichon Frise nor do the Poodles smell which confirms that Poochons won’t stink at all. But only until you are regular with the baths and grooming.

One way of eradicating any chances of smell in their fur is to bathe them with a nice, minty shampoo which has a great scent in a dog swimming pool.

Some part of the smell also depends on the parents. An F1 generation won’t stink at all generally. You can purchase a 4-10 weeks old Bichpoo at a range of $800-1500.

But if the bloodline is strong and the puppy shed from where you are buying is the only one in your region, get ready to pay higher than this.

You Won’t Find Their Hair Lying Everywhere In Your House

Yes, another big reason they are a great apartment dog.

Designer dogs are bred in an effort to achieve much better dog traits – both in terms of health and beauty, Bichon poodle are no different.

They inherit the trait of Poodle’s less-shedding and hypoallergenic coats and combine them with the elegance of Bichon Fise’s coat.

You will not find a lot of their loose hair and dander lying around your house which means they won’t cause any allergies as well. (Use hair cleaners if you do)

But that doesn’t negate the fact that their coats require regular maintenance and grooming.



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