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Are teacup Poochon easy to train?

Teacup poochons are becoming quite popular as pets because of their gentle personalities and love for companionship. However, this “designer breed” usually makes a great family dog and is typically highly intelligent and fairly easy to train.

  • Trainability – Easy
  • Intelligence – High
  • Memory – High
  • Mouthiness – Low
  • Prey drive – Low
  • Wanderlust potential – Low

Welcome to Bichon poodle world. They are a great choice for First-time dog owners because they are so loving and ready to please with an added bonus being that they are extremely sociable.

With that said, these little guys are rather independent and they need the rules and regulations that should be given in a gentler fashion. Otherwise, they do not respond well to assertion and authority due to their effervescent personality.

How do you train a Poochon?

Below are a few tips that you should consider when you begin your Bichon frise poodle mix training:

  • Teacup poochon are light-hearted and exceptionally affectionate dogs which makes them easier to train than many other toy breeds and dogs in general.  Start socializing and training your teacup poochon from puppyhood. If you are a first-time dog owner, consider signing up dog obedience classes. Bichon poodle training isn’t too hard, but don’t get too complacent either. You still need to inculcate a strong training regimen from an early age to get the best out of them.
  • she can be a real test to housetrain so get ready on this vital piece of business early, using positive rewards, such as praise and treats. It’s imperative to be consistent with your training as the poodle part of her may represent a bit (such as the intrinsic stubborn streak). Make sure your pup is well-socialize to reduce her interface with other people and pets. The payoff is you will be rewarded with a loving and loyal pup.
  • The fact that teacup poochon is bred to cuddle doesn’t mean they don’t need training and exercise; they do. Daily walks are a must, but so are plenty of playtimes to vent off her energy because of the intelligence and inquisitiveness of this hybrid. Regular exercise can also limit the episodes of sudden spikes of Bichon poodle buzz.
  • The Bichpoo is intelligent (thanks to the poodle gene pool), but can it be taught to roll over? Or give a high-5 or play dead?
  •  Yes, Yes and yes. This crossbreed is competent enough of learning a solid amount of tricks. Just make sure to have ample treats close by for positive reinforcement.
  • By nature, they are not aggressive; nevertheless, start the obedience training right from puppyhood to fend off possibilities of your pooch showing sporadic aggression in the future.

Teaching a teacup poochon to Stay to Stop its Separation Anxiety.

So, to train your teacup poochon how to stay when he/she is anxious, start the session off by using techniques to stop dogs from jumping up on people.

  1. The guardians should practice this approach a few times a week by inviting friends and neighbors over to help her practice. Its a simple approach that works by repetition, preferably a whole bunch in a 2-3 week period to establish the behavior the guardians want.
  2. In addition, the way to stop separation anxiety in dogs is to create a situation where the dog can practice being alone, in the easiest situation possible. To do this, you will have to train a teacup poochon to stay. Hence, they can practice being alone for progressively longer periods of time, in the easiest way possible; with the humans in the home – just not in eyesight.

You can get some tips for helping dogs with separation anxiety and how to teach a dog to stay in the free dog training video below. And its ok if you aren’t a professional Poochon dog trainer, the method is so easy anyone can do it.




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